Past Work

Additional Search Bar for is a European fitness equipment vendor. In addition to a wide variety of workout machines, they also keep a stock of spare parts for these machines. Their spare parts collection was growing so large, they wanted customers to be able to search these products separately. I was hired to implement a second search bar for their site, for spare parts only. As you can see, the result integrates seamlessly with their existing theme and makes searching for spare parts a piece of cake.

Demo Project: David's Cheese Emporium

David's Cheese Emporium is a cheese-themed demo project I created to improve my Shopify development skills and practice setting up custom storefronts for clients. For this project, I took the free theme Crave by Shopify and enhanced it with a slide-out cart. The result is a fully-functional store (except for actually checking out, which I disabled. Buy your cheese elsewhere!) that takes advantage of the Shopify 2.0 theme architecture.